The most important advance in health-economics modeling since the spreadsheet.

Faster and at reduced cost

With hēRo3, you can build Markov cohort & partitioned survival models in a fraction of the time it would take in Excel. And every hēRo3 model comes fully loaded with advanced functionality and features.

Greater consistency and fewer errors

hēRo3’s formalism yields more consistent models across an organization, and with computations done in an open-source modeling package in R, there are fewer opportunities for mistakes.

Enhanced transparency

hēRo3 promotes transparency by using compact statements to describe models, and by producing an Excel workbook with a complete listing of all inputs, outputs, and calculations for every model.

Animated eye-catching displays

hēRo3 automatically creates a range of engaging output displays with every model, and its extensive use of animation causes people to pay closer attention to your material and messages.

Value-Based Prices

If you want to “talk the talk” of value-based pricing, you need a tool that will help you “walk the walk”. Every model in hēRo3 lets you easily calculate economically justifiable prices—in little time with no additional effort, and at no additional cost.


hēRo3's animated displays are designed to engage your audience and cause them to pay closer attention to your material and messages. And even you might find the "eye candy" a bit entertaining too!


Every model in hēRo3 comes loaded with extensive functionality and features that would cost lots of time and money to program on a bespoke basis. And less bespoke programming means fewer chances for error.