Accelerating and Empowering HEOR

Advanced Modeling Simplified.

Saves Time

Build HEOR models in a fraction of the time. Provide your clinical development and product planning teams with understandable mission-critical information to expedite key decisions.

Saves Money

Less money spent on building bespoke models in Excel means more is available for other important value-creation activities.


Access to models. Anytime. Anywhere.


With data encryption at rest and in transit, two factor authentication, and a compartmentalized AWS Virtual Private Cloud, you can rest easy knowing that your models are safe.

24/7 Support

We have a comprehensive support platform that allows you to view a detailed user guide, submit help tickets, or even have an expert talk to you by phone.

Models in hours or days,
not weeks or months.

The current process can take up to six months, and have several touches before you get your answer.

Excel modeling workflow.

With rapid analytics in hēRo3, you are able to streamline operations and go from questions to answers with fewer touches in between.

heRo modeling workflow.

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